Quartet for the End of Time (Blu-ray w/bonus film Sitka: A Piano Documentary)

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The music documentary about Olivier Messiaen’s transcendent masterpiece, that he composed while imprisoned in a World War II Nazi camp, and debuted there on January 15, 1941. Created for the 75th Anniversary of that historic premiere, this film features “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band Ensemble performing at rehearsal and in concert, with violinist Karen Johnson explaining the music movement-by-movement, mixed with footage from the ruins of Stalag VIII-A, apocalyptic images by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, historical photos, and landscape cinematography by noted filmmaker H. Paul Moon (Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty & The Passion of Scrooge).

The full HD Blu-ray disc also includes the complete film Sitka: A Piano Documentary, an inside look at the art of piano renovation by experts at PianoCraft, with renowned pianist Olivier Cavé putting it to the test, including an extra track of him playing a Haydn sonata.

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